Hello, so good to see you!

I help families find balance between holistic and modern living - or what I like to refer to as the scrunchy life.

My name is Hailey.

I'm a Christian woman, wife, and mother of two beautiful daughters who discovered a passion for living a scrunchy lifestyle – a blend of holistic and modern living. I've found immense joy in discovering simple, easy ways to integrate holistic practices into our daily routine, all without feeling overwhelmed by the need to fully embrace a crunchy lifestyle. Now, I'm excited to open up and share our journey with others who are on a similar path. Join me as we explore the beauty of living harmoniously with nature while embracing the conveniences of modern life.

What I Offer

I'm all about living that scrunchy lifestyle.

What's scrunchy, you ask? Well, it's a mix of holistic and modern living – the best of both worlds!

Here, I share tips, tricks, and my favorite products to help you dive into the scrunchy life with ease. From eco-friendly finds to easy DIYs and natural remedies, I've got you covered. So, grab a cup of tea and join me as we explore how to live the scrunchy life.

My blog

I share some great life hacks, tips, and products that will help you create balance in your life.