How many times have you missed a crucial meeting or appointment because you were caught up in the hustle and bustle of life? I've got a crazy simple tip to help you stay on top of things.


Hailey Stokes

10/13/20233 min read

green and white alarm clock
green and white alarm clock

As mothers and women entrepreneurs, our lives are a whirlwind of responsibilities, juggling activities, and tackling never-ending to-do lists. But what if I told you that there's a very simple solution that can make your day smoother and more efficient? Phone alarms. That's right, those unassuming little reminders on your phone and computer can be your new best friends, helping you conquer your daily tasks and even little reminders like drinking water, getting active, making sure the dog gets out to pee, or prepping for dinner.

Ringing in Appointments: Ding, Ding, Done!

How many times have you missed a crucial meeting or appointment because you were caught up in the hustle and bustle of life? Certain appointments you miss may even cost you money, so this little tip can save you money and help eliminate those stressful moments we find ourselves in time to time. Set reminders for your meetings, school pick-ups, and salon appointments. Say goodbye to those embarrassing, "Oops, I totally forgot" moments.

Hydration Station

Remembering to drink enough water during the day can be a real challenge, especially when you're knee-deep in work or mom duties. Every hour, your phone can chime in with a refreshing reminder: "Time to hydrate!" Stay hydrated and keep your energy levels up to conquer the day.

Tip - I like to use Google Calendar for my alarms and typically set alarms for one day before AND one hour so I don't forget. For video calls, I'll usually set an alarm for one hour before and 5 minutes to make sure I get done what I need to before and am prepared.

Get Active Alerts

The daily hustle can leave us feeling drained and tied to our desks. If you're busy, it's easy to forget to get up and stretch. Let's break free and get outside, or at least get up and move about. Set alarms to go off at regular intervals for a stretch session or quick walk. Your body, your mind, and your creativity will thank you for it.

Plus, it's an excellent excuse to indulge in a silly solo dance party to boost your mood! Make it a small celebration of actions you have achieved so far in your day. Celebrating achievements on a regular basis can lead to increased dopamine levels = more satisfaction and joy.

This is something I actually learned from a friend of mine, Jin, AKA Jin N Tonic. She taught me so much about mindset and enjoying life to the fullest extent. Jin, if you're reading this, THANK YOU!

Parenting Hack for School Pick Up

Balancing work, meetings, and the never-ending school pickups is like herding cats in a thunderstorm. When work is slammed, and your just trying to make it through the day without pulling your hair out, it's easy to forget even the daily important tasks we need to do.

This is something most parents won't want to admit, but at some point, most of us have lost track of time and forgotten (even if only for a few minutes) to leave work in order to pick up our favorite little humans. Set an alarm (make sure you can hear it) and give yourself enough time to get there even with traffic. They'll never have to wait a minute longer, and you'll earn the title of "World's Best Mom."

Name That Alarm with a Motivational Message

In addition to practical reminders, why not set a morning alarm with a daily dose of positivity? A motivational message that says, "You've got this! Today is a wonderful day." can be a mood-lifter and a confidence booster, verses "Wake Up", especially on hectic days.

Instead of "Drink Water", maybe try naming your alarm "Water: Because coffee can't do it all" or "You're too pretty to be thirsty, drink up!". This works especially well if you're not drinking enough water not only to remind yourself to drink, but also to make you smile and make it into a positive action you'll look forward to.

Alarms – Your Co-Pilot to Success!

For us mothers and women entrepreneurs, there are no bland, ordinary days, only extraordinary ones. Alarms, when used strategically and with a touch of positivity, can be your secret to success. Embrace these friendly nudges from your phone and computer, and you'll see just how effortless and inspiring your day can become.

So are you ready to make alarms your new BFFs? Give it a whirl, and watch your life transform into a well-orchestrated symphony of tasks, appointments, and some fun too. Let's alarmingly conquer the world, one ding at a time!